starts at B43 6NF (M6 interchange, going south)
1 B70 6RR
2 B69 4RQ
3 B62 0BU
4 B61 0QN
4A B61 9JA
5 WR9 7PY
6 WR4 0AA
7 WR5 2RW
8 WR8 9JZ
9 GL20 8JJ
10 GL51 9TL
11 GL51 6SU
12 GL10 3EX
13 GL2 7NJ
14 GL12 8BU
15 BS32 4JT
16 BS32 4JQ
17 BS10 7TP
18 BS11 8DL
19 BS20 7XG
20 BS21 6XU
21 BS22 7SQ
22 TA9 4HF
23 TA7 8AF
24 TA7 0DU
25 TA1 2PG
26 TA21 9PL
27 EX16 7HD
28 EX15 1NS
29 EX5 2AQ
30 EX2 7JJ
31 EX2 8XL


9 responses to “M5

  1. you have the incorrect postcode for junction 1 of the M5. It is not B43 6NF

  2. I have now checked and the postcode for junction 1 of the M5 should be B70 6RR and not B43 6NF

  3. Apologies! That was my assumption that junction 1 was the start of the M5, when it does, in fact, start with J8 of the M6 (which is what B43 6NF is).

    Matters are further complicated by the fact that M6-J8 is massive and covers several postcodes!

    Thanks for pointing out the error!

  4. Hi, really useful site, i work on the motorways in a control room so often need locations to pass to emergancy services etc, most of them work from postcodes so this site helps a lot, i used it this morning infact to get the RSPCA to an injured animal. Thank you.

  5. I’m going to try m25 post codes ASAP I hope I can hold on roo my job thanks

  6. Richard Griffiths

    What about Junction 11A ???

  7. Richard Griffiths

    There isn’t a Post Code for M5 Junction 11A….. Are you able to assist please ?

  8. I’m afraid I don’t have 11A. Sorry!

  9. This is great, what a great idea. thanks

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