Unlike other motorways I’ve not made a note of which junctions connect to other motorways, as so many of them do. And the postcode for junction 10 is an estimate based on a nearby pub – I don’t have a more exact code for that one! 🙂

1A DA2 6QF
1B DA1 1YS
2 DA2 7SY
3 BR8 8TJ
4 BR6 7QJ
5 TN14 6HE
6 RH9 8AX
7 RH1 3NT
8 KT20 7DG
9 KT22 7QF
10 KT11 1ND
11 KT16 9SA
12 TW20 8QR
13 TW19 6EF
14 SL3 0FD
15 UB7 7HQ
16 SL0 0NY
17 WD3 5DJ
18 WD3 5TQ
19 WD3 4ND
20 WD4 8QP
21 WD5 0SB
21A AL2 3ET
22 AL2 1BX
23 EN6 3NP
24 EN6 5ER
25 EN8 8EZ
26 EN9 3QY
27 CM16 7PA
28 CM14 5NA
29 CM13 3JT
30 RM15 4AA
31 RM20 3WW


3 responses to “M25

  1. a desparately needed piece of information that is nowhere else to be found and will stop my route planner sending me via manchester or russia

  2. Such a useful resource for solo drivers in the GPS age! Thank you!!!

  3. Thank YOU, my life made easier I wanted to contact all the agents in and around the M25.

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