By popular demand …

1 NW2 1LJ
2 NW4 1PT
4 WD6 3BL
5 WD25 8AA
6 WD25 0PR 
6a WD5 0SB (M25)
7 AL3 6AP (M10)
8 HP2 4UE
9 AL3 8EY
10 LU1 4AB
10a LU1 4LA (Luton spur)
11 LU4 8QR
12 LU5 6HE
13 MK43 0XX
14 MK16 0HR
15 NN4 5EZ
15a NN4 9XG
16 NN7 3NF
17 NN6 7UH (M45)
18 NN6 7SA
19 LE17 6BP (M6)
20 LE17 4HN
21 LE19 1WL (M69)
21a LE9 2AF
22 LE67 9PG
23 LE12 9BU
23a DE74 2TN
24 DE74 2YW
25 NG10 5GX
26 NG16 1PT
27 NG15 0DA
28 DE55 2EH
29 S44 5SJ
30 S43 4JE
31 S26 2AE
32 S66 9BQ (M18)
33 S60 5LD
34 S9 1UG
35 S61 2PP
35a S35 2XT
36 S70 5TY
37 S70 6PN
38 S75 4BU
39 WF4 3AT
40 WF5 9AF
41 WF2 0SY
42 WF3 3QA (M62)
43 LS10 1SE (M621)
44 LS10 1RX
45 LS26 8PJ
46 LS15 8QW

There is no junction 3 – full story here. Junction 43 is a little confusing, as it seems to be on the old M1 into Leeds – what is now the M621. I’ll have to check next time I’m up that way …


2 responses to “M1

  1. Really appreciate the work, and time, that you have kindly provided
    for other travellers.

  2. Very helpful. Thank you.

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