A nice short one today … the M42. From the heart of the midlands to … um, the heart of the midlands. A sort of quarter-sized M25 for Birmingham, but always popular with the traffic jams.

1 B60 1DD
2 B48 7AU
3 B48 7JF
3a B94 5DQ
4 B90 4EN
5 B91 2SS
6 B92 0EJ
7 B37 6TA (M6)
7a B46 3JB
8 B46 1LL (M6)
9 B76 0BB
10 B77 5PX
11 DE12 8AA


2 responses to “M42

  1. Hi what a great idea of yours, Alas no data on the M5 and M4, but hopefully one day. PS The picture looks very much like the M5 south between J15 Thornbury and J16 M4 Armunsdsbury interchange 🙂

  2. Thanks Reg. I’ve just added the M4 and M5 … recent kind comments have spurred me to start updating again!

    You’re right, it does look M5-ish, so you’re probably right. It’s certainly familiar, and I do that route several times a year.

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