An almost complete list of postcodes for junctions along the M6. Almost complete, because it doesn’t include the toll road, but hey, if you can afford to go on that, you’ve probably got a whizzo satnav that does this kind of stuff anyway …

The M6, from the top0 LE17 6BP (= M1 J19)
1 CV23 0AR
2 CV2 2SL (M69 interchange)
3 CV7 9GX
4 B46 3JD (M42 interchange northbound)
4a B36 9LU (M42 interchange southbound)
5 B35 7AD
6 B23 7PH
7 B43 6HD
8 B43 6NF (M5 interchange)
9 WS2 9DT
10 WS2 8TD
10a WV11 2RF (M54 interchange)
11 WV10 7LU
12 ST19 5PX
13 ST18 9AP
14 ST16 1JW
15 ST5 4DQ
16 CW2 5PS
17 CW11 4SR
18 CW4 7ET
19 WA16 0PN
20 WA13 0TA
21 WA3 6DR
21a WA3 7EY (M62 J10)
22 WA3 7EP
23 WA12 0HL
24 WN4 9LQ
25 WN4 0JJ
26 WN5 8HP (M58 J6)
27 WN6 0SE
28 PR25 4ZY
29 PR5 8AA
30 PR5 6ZE (M61 J10)
31 PR5 0UJ
31a PR2 5PZ
32 PR3 5LJ (M55 interchange)
33 LA2 0HZ
34 LA2 9HG
35 LA5 9XH
35a LA6 1JZ
36 LA7 7NS
37 LA8 0AP
38 CA10 3SU
39 CA10 3QG
40 CA11 8QT
41 CA11 0BJ
42 CA4 0AD
43 CA4 8AA
44 CA3 0HR

More than you could ever want to know about the junctions of the M6 at Route6.co.uk.


8 responses to “M6

  1. Looking for M1 and M25 postcodes, you wouldn’t know whaere I could find them would you.

    • I’ve got the M1 postcodes – I’ll put them up. And I’ll put the M25 to the top of the to-do list!

      Nice to know someone’s looking at this site!

  2. Thanks for these.

  3. Will you be doing M40?

    • Sorry, this site has rather ground to a halt, but ultimately I’d like to cover at least all the major motorways. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I needed to reach junction 7 southbound yesterday because 9 was closed and your website was there to help me. Thank you.

  5. We found this by searching (more in hope than expectation) as we shall be dropping in on friends in Cumbria but need to avoid one particular wet patch. Thanks for your obvious dedication to this “special interest” subject. How the heck did you do this? Mike

  6. Very useful website!

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